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USI Tech

The business name of USI Tech company is USI Tech Limited. It has headquarters in Dubai with registration number ICC20160282. It is a technology firm that specializes in developing an automated trading software in the Forex market. Their development team has over 20 years of experience and some of the trading software systems that they’ve developed are having direct cooperation with reputable brokers (see the site for more information and sign up by clicking here:

Why You Should Join USI Tech?

    • Easy sign up – in few seconds, you’re going to be USI Tech member
    • No experience required
    • Fast results – see your earnings in 24 hours
    • Repeatable and scalable – the more energy and money you’ve invested, the more money you make
    • More Ways To Earn – After purchasing USI Tech BTC Package(s) – the lowest package is around $60.00, you’re going to earn by:

A. Return of capital

With each BTC package, a return of 40% is applied over the term of 140 working days. The daily rate of return and the duration may vary depending on the achieved results. The actual return is paid out including share purchase price daily.

* 140 working days: The actual duration may vary due to the returns achieved

** Return on Capital 40%: The amount of the return on capital is an intended but not guaranteed value

*** Daily payout: The actual percentage is variable

You might buy one or more USI Tech BTC package(s), leave it for a month or so, then get back to your account to withdraw your earnings. As simple as that. If you want to earn more, proceed with another way to earn below.

B. Referral or commission program

You’re going to receive 10% commission for each new USI Tech BTC purchase and for each re-buy from the commission account according to the level rule.

usi tech reviews - ways to earn

How To Register

  1. Register by entering your name and email to the field provided, click the recaptcha box and hit “Register“.USI Tech Reviews - how to register2. Login to your email address and click the confirmation link.3. Purchase a USI Tech BTC Package using 5 available options:
    a. Available BTC Balance
    b. Available Commission Balance
    c. BTC – Wallet
    d. 2Pay4You
    e. Payza

Withdrawal Information

The minimum amount for a payout is 10 Euro in Bitcoin and for every withdraw, a fee of 2% will be charged. You can withdraw in Euro and Bitcoin using 2pay4you or Payza.

USI Tech Reviews - Withdraw Option

Settings –  Re-buy

There is an option for you to automatically re-buy a USI Tech Package according to your preference. If you set it to 100%, you’re account will automatically re-buy a package for you once it reach the amount needed to purchase a package.

You can also set it to “No Re-buy” if you want to keep your earnings and withdraw when necessary.

Re-buy settings - USI Tech Reviews

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